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ROAR provides teams, stadiums and venues with a powerful tool to engage with their fans and supporters to provide unforgettable game day experiences.

For the stadium, ROAR increases commercial revenue opportunities through concessions, ticketing, hospitality and merchandise by directly interacting to push promotions and offer incentives to fans on match day. ROAR also captures fan data, providing key intelligence to the teams, stadiums and venues on their customers. Clients have seen revenue streams increase by up to 98% using these targeted technology enabled methods.

ROAR not only contributes to direct match day sales in multiple sectors but adds significant leverage for sponsorship. Sponsors of the teams and venues will now be able to interact with their audiences to enable their brand to constantly engage with the masses at sports events. Not only will brands be seen but they will also now be heard through ROAR.

ROAR enhances the fan experience capitalising on the digital transformation and capturing the imagination of the millennial generation.



Fan Engagement
Interact, communicate and empower your fans and customers in a way like never before and enhance your overall experience.


Data Capture
Capture key pieces to data to truly understand who your fans are, where they're from and what makes them tick for your own in-house marketing.


Social Media
Link Roar with your social media to continuously update your customers on your exciting news, current offers and future events whether they are in venue or at home.

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Revenue generation
See a significant growth in your revenue streams by promoting key products offers or services directly to the customers phone.


Provide your customers with an efficient and simply way to buy tickets or book for future events via your customised app.


Sponsorship is now more than just logo placement. Find out how Roar can enhance your sponsorship and sponsors ROI through unique and targeted activation.



ROAR comes with a unique and dynamic dashboard where you will be able to view and filter data in real-time.

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